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Today’s post is a study in … well, the study. Nothing says study quite like old wood, aged leather and wrought iron but these words and the term “study” itself can often evoke images of dark, stuffy, old-fashioned little rooms where older gentlemen in 3-piece suits sip brandy, smoke cigars and talk politics. If you want to stay true to the notion but not bog your space down, the following image of the library in this Southern hotel provides some practical inspiration to help you create a light, airy, updated version of today’s study. The key elements are modern, simple wrought iron chandeliers, open old wood bookcases on iron caster wheels, casual white cotton sofas, reclaimed wood sofa tables and cozy aged leather seating. Plus, of course, plenty of good reads!

After the jump I’ll post a board to help you shop the look at MIX today!

Screen shot 2014-02-02 at 9.34.56 AM



Kate Lehman

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