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Design MIX Furniture’s Vintage Fabric collection includes a variety of one of a kind specialty Chinese wedding quilts !

Designers use these hand made intricate beautiful pieces when creating pillows, throws, ottomans, upholstered chairs, headboards or framed as wall art.

Vintage Chinese wedding blankets have a rich history of tradition. Till today, Chinese weddings include many traditions that have been practiced for  hundreds of  years. Chinese pre-wedding customs include rituals known as the  Six Rites.  This is where these original  beautiful Chinese wedding blankets come into play.   The brides parents deliver the dowry a few days before the wedding, along with many other gifts such as this exquisite hand embroidered indigo quilt !


The  blue dye comes from special plants harvested in Mid- October and each goes through a series of processes in order to reach its beautiful indigo color makes the quilt that much more meaningful. These special pieces were passed down though the families and are now available at MIX in excellent condition.

Many embroidered patterns and colors are available at MIX on La Brea Ave.

One of a kind finds !


    Vintage Textiles ~  Golden Bronze ~ silk hand embroidered Chinese wedding quilts

                Chinese wedding quilts pink

Vintage textiles ~  Shades of Pink ~  hand embroidered silk wedding quilts

pink full



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