The Proud Peacock

Return of the Grand Peacock Chair ~

Once noted as a hippy bohemian beach chair, this 1960’s icon has made a comeback to Design MIX Furniture on modern grounds !  The origin of weaving raw, natural materials together dates back to primitive times, being one of the most widespread of all human activities. The return of this tropical porch chair hits the spot with such versatility & exotic charm, who wouldn’t want to soak up the sun or place this wonderful and demanding  shaped chair in a special corner or paired flanking a great side table.

The peacock chair was once called the “Hardest working chair in Hollywood”. The most hip to ever sit include some of the coolest cats of the 60’s & 70’s; Al Green, Elizabeth Taylor, Diana Ross & Brigitte Bardot. All of these legends have iconic photos featuring this woven masterpiece.

The earliest of all known to produce wicker & rattan work are Sumerian societies dating back almost 5,000 years.   Over time, sea trade made it possible for other cultures to catch on. This extension of basket weaving into furniture spread throughout Rome, the West Indies, Southeast Asia …

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DAYU562 Matahari Ratan Peacock Chair

DAYU562 Matahari Ratan Peacock Chair

The durability, breathability and accessibility of material is ideal for tropical settings because of natural flexible fibers that could withstand  humidity and heat. Some of the oldest surviving pieces of wicker date back to the times of the Egyptian Empire, many pieces found buried in the tomb’s of Kings past.

Today these Grand Peacock Chairs have such a cool vibe, they give a simple photo shoot texture, depth and exotic interest …..The versatility of these natural fiber chairs lend themselves to many design styles and have a wide variety of uses .

Old Hollywood flair, combined with hip, up-scale style, thats sure to make a grand statement in any modern home….

Fun colorful choices at Design MIX Furniture as well as classic naturals in White, Antique Stained, Raw Natural or Classic Black or custom colors …..


Classic & Modern Black Peacock Chair

DAYU59 Tomato Bunga Peacock Chair

DAYU565 Grand Natural Rattan Peacock Chair

DAYU565 Grand Natural Rattan Peacock Chair

Old Hollywood flair, combine with hip, up-scale style, thats sure to make a grand statement in any modern home….Peacock Chairs just give that natural sexy feeling ~

So much fun to dress them up with colorful fabrics, pillows and accessories …… Design MIX Furniture has wide selection and imports these handwoven chairs that hit the spot in almost any design space !

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DAYU564 Plantation Peacock Chair

Design MIX Furniture offers a large collection of styles and colors, with custom options available. Bring flair to any space with this timeless piece that will surly demand attention.

The Peacock chair is perfect for photo shoots, outdoor weddings, or for finding a little slice of paradise right on your own patio !   Visit Design MIX Furniture to see a wide selection  in person ~

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