Stories from your Tribal Past ?

~ Faces of Tradition ~

In every culture world wide, rituals are a common ground for us all. Traditions passed down for centuries give us a sense of community within our circle of family and friends. Maybe it’s an old pocket watch passed down from a great grandfather, or a tale of how your decedents came to America to start the family business.


Stories told by the older generations give the younger decendents something to value and look forward to in the future. As children we want to explore and learn. African masks are one of these traditions passed down though tribal families. They were used to tell storied and now can offer a whimsical feeling to any space with awe inspiring characters and stories from afar.

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 With over 3,000 known tribes in Africa, there are so many stories to be told. Masks have been used to tell legends passed down by ancestors, they have been used as rite of passage, also in story, song & dance.

Screen Shot 2016-05-12 at 3.50.33 PMBring a lively presence to any space with these beautiful Sahara trademarks.

Design MIX Furniture continues to collect a vast variety of unique African tribal masks each with their own meaning & style. Both museum quality with used rare and important specialty pieces are available to add to your collection OR beautiful pieces that were made to be sold .

What ever your intention to collect MIX has a large collection to offer !


The art of mask making is usually passed down from father to son, having knowledge of symbolism when creating each mask is learned over time and applied to each ornament. The artistry of mask making is a highly regarded in African society & culture, each mask crafted carefully with a story behind it.


Here at MIX you can see these works of art displayed for your enjoyment, with so many interesting characters and expressions to choose from, you will want to take home a few. Create a collage out of these relics for an interesting & engaging wallscape sure to spark curiosity.

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Made primarily from various woods, leather, beads, metal and other fabrics, the craft of mask making dates back to Paleolithic times.  The inspiration subjects are derived from animal spirits, ancestors, and feminine beauty. In ritual, these mask-wearers serve as a medium between spirits and nature, or they symbolize a new phase of life.


At MIX we have a range of masks that will trigger your inner curiosity & creativity. These masks can be hung in a grouping or displayed on a stand individually.


Rite of Passage is based on the experiences and progression of life. From a boy developing into a man, or a marriage, each stage of maturation calls for a ceremony and new ranking within the community.

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Despite the feminine styled masks, men were the only ones permitted to wear these ceremonial pieces.

Special passport masks were found in the rainforest region of the Bwami or Lega, masks are symbols of the owner’s rank within the society and represent moral or social values within the tribe. When traveling from tribe to tribe some of these masks were worn to help identify the rankings within the group.


The are traditionally used during initiation rites and in conjunction with dance, poetry and song giving wisdom to members of the society. Witch Doctors use masks to concentrate the healing powers of nature while treating patients.

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African masks have been used for centuries to ward off bad spirits and honor ancestors of the past, they are each unique and will make for an interesting artifact in any space.

Enjoy all of the global treasures found at Design MIX Furniture !

Megan Madden

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