Statues and Art that WOW!

Design MIX Furniture offers a vast collection of original African and Asian statues as well as unique art and artifacts.  MIX large variety is ever changing and they import hand selected special pieces from around the globe.  Larger than life Guardian Warrior Statues and beautiful Buddha’s for your interior or exterior space.  Below are some examples that are sure to achieve that WOW factor that you are looking for !


Vajrapani Temple Protector

This large wood carved guardian warrior is one of the oldest known and most powerful of the temple protectors.  Chinese tradition says that this warrior traveled with the Historical Buddha as his protector and body guard.  If you have traveled to the far ends of the earth and explored some of these old temples you might have seen similar statues at the front or back entrance to each temple.  This specific carved wood statue is authentic with signs of distressed sun bleached wood and paint.



Vajra Clay and Wood Statue – Another example of a Vajrapani.  Amazing and historic art piece with a history !  


If you have been searching for a way to make your backyard or garden a place where you can relax and find your inner peace then look no further !  Design MIX Furniture has hand carved Stone Statues and Earth Ware Planters to add a wonderful focal point to your outdoor area.  Large selections  of Garden Furniture, Statues and Fountains are available to choose from.  Create that paradise right in your own back yard !  Here are some example of a few:


 Green Stone Siwa Bust


Giant Stone Carved Buddha Head   


Earth Ware Garden Planters and Pots from Thailand


Lava Stone Sitting Buddha


Design MIX Furniture offers a vast collection of original African Art and Sculpture.  Africa has many tribal people and ancient ways of celebration.  When celebrating culture, change of seasons or planting new seeds – masks or statues would be used in dance to represent powerful spirit with the power to ward off evil and disease, as well as to encourage a fruitful tribal year and farming season.  Some of the great modernist painters of our time have looked to early tribal art for inspiration and direction with their own works of art.

MIX offers world eclectic traveler art along with knowledge and understanding of world cultures , traditions and customs.  Very special and unique pieces are available for viewing online and in the two large showrooms on La Brea Ave.  Design District. 


Senufo Hornbill Carved Wood Prosperity Bird   


Burkina Faso Shield Mask


Senufo Carved Wood Head Dress, Circa 1940


Songye Kifwebe Tribal Mask on Stand, Circa 1940

Design MIX Furniture is a premier source of unique found objects and art.  Wether you are looking for a small statue for the table top or a large piece of art for out in the garden you will find it at MIX !  Stop into our two showrooms in the center of the La Brea Design district in Los Angeles and explore our huge growing inventory of collectibles , furniture and art from around the world.  New arrival every week ~


Mark Poirier

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