Repurposed ; Industrial Ox Cart Furniture

Amazing repurposed Industrial and Ancient Ox Carts from India made into stunning and useful furniture


A little creativity never hurt anybody!

Design MIX Furniture offers a variety of “repurposed” vintage Oxcart furniture ranging from mirrors, to chairs, as well as tables and benches. MIX furniture recycles and offers a second chance to the beautiful workmanship of iron, brass, and teak which has been used for hundreds of years.The Indian culture elaborately decorates everything, including work carts.MIX gives life to history and the detailed quality workmanship of family artisans and brings these to the modern home.Oxcarts in India are traditionally used as transportation and for carrying goods. What I’m sure you didn’t know, is that it can be made into a beautiful conversation chair to place in your living room, as a mirror in the hallway of your home, as a side table next to your bed, or even as your bed! The possibilities are endless!

You can get the look with the help of Design MIX Furniture on La Brea Ave.

Antique Ox Cart Wheel on Stand


Antique Ox Cart Wheel on Stand



Original use of an Ox Cart being used to transfer supplies in India…..

The beauty is buried under the grain bags !


Ox Cart being used as transportation though North India


Reclaimed iron and brass work hand made from vintage Indian Ox carts.


Repurposed Indian Ox cart wood and metal work mirror frame.


Original North Indian ox cart made from teak wood, iron and brass repurposed into an art piece coffee table.


Unique daybed frame made from vintage Indian Ox Cart with detailed iron and brass work.


Original Teak Ox Cart Bench with brass detailing made into an interesting high back bench


More unique Ox Cart bench’s with brass detailing being put to use and each is uniquely beautiful

ox cart bench

Design MIX Furniture on La Brea imports and designs these amazingly strong, sturdy oxcart pieces.

Great for indoors or out they have incredible history and are very long lasting !


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