Perfectly Petrified !

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Perfectly Petrified !

Did you know that petrified wood is formed by minerals that fill every pore and cavity of the wood, thus petrifying it?  Mineral matter is what makes the wood incredibly solid, heavy and hard.  The woods replacement mineral is usually a variety of quartz and sometimes opal, calcite (calcium carbonate), or carnotite.  Just like a gem.  Fascinating!  These gem like items are meant to dress up any room.  I encourage to use them in a living area in place of a side table, or a sitting area grouped together for a coffee table or perhaps adorned next to a fireplace.  Sophisticated yet gorgeous and simple, petrified wood fossils are the perfect touch for that immaculate organic solution.  They go well with both colorful features and are absolute  perfection with neutrals.  Here at MIX,  we now have the most stunning collection of petrified wood fossil end tables and coffee table alternatives.

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Andrea Klodetski

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