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New Year’s Resolutions being what they are – lengthy, complex and oftentimes hard to achieve – I thought I’d make a radical one today. Simplify. I give you the beginning of a new series on this blog: One and Done. One and Done is my answer to my own self-created problem: long posts with extensive shopping lists on our get-the-look features. My zeal for beautiful interiors and the unbelievable collection that we have here at MIX that makes these interiors within reach for us all is such that I really could go on forever. Sometimes excess can be a good thing, so sometimes I will go on forever, but sometimes I will do us all a favor and whittle it down to the bare essentials. After all, “Brevity is the soul of wit.” So without further ado, the inaugural One & Done.

In the spirit of the resolution why not simplify your world along with me? Here, a white-washed Greek getaway with nothing so much as a bed, a side table and reclaimed wood mirror is our inspiration. Clear out some clutter, purge some non-essentials, make some breathing room and grab a Salvaged Railroad Tie Mirror from MIX. Serenity and calm won’t be far behind.


Photo Source: Remodelista  //  Shop MIX

Kate Lehman

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