Ode to Spring :: Daybed Edition

Well, it’s HOT (here in LA) and the days are getting longer. Forget Spring, it feels like Summer has already come! What better time to start outfitting your outdoor space?

Here at MIX we mark Spring (or early Summer) with some obligatory Spring cleaning. We flush out the fountains, make a trip to the nursery and start filling antique containers with all manner of succulents and other heat-happy plants and our two gorgeous outdoor gardens get a refreshing re-organization, all to make way for new shipments. What is it this time?

DAYBEDS // of course!

We just received a large collection of amazing Antique Daybeds and Benches from Indonesia. Each daybed is one-of-a-kind and hand-carved by tribal artisans, some show the original paint and each shows its own beautiful age and unique patina.

The collection of styles we have now ranges from traditional colonial to more island style with decorative details and tribal shapes. The finishes are exceptional and will stand the test of time becoming more beautiful with age. We can safely say that this collection cannot be recreated and will not be seen again.

So put on some SPF and swing by MIX on S La Brea to take a cooling stroll through the gardens and see some of these magnificent carved wood daybeds for yourself. On a day like today, no judgement if you need to put your head in one of our fountains.









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Kate Lehman

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