New Shipment from India!


We just got a new shipment of amazing new pieces from India and we’re still working to find places for all of it. One of the most incredible (and space consuming) pieces is this authentic traditional Haveli Entry Gate from Rajasthan! It’s currently taking up residence in the garden of our South Lot at 331 S La Brea and is worth visiting. It’s too bad it didn’t arrive sooner, or we all could have ducked under it for shelter from the rain like the woman in the photo below!



Found across northern India and Pakistan, the traditional Marwaris commissioned artists to paint these decorative architectural entry way facades which were heavily influenced by the Mughal architecture. The towns and villages of Shekhawati are famous for the embellished frescoes on the walls of their grandiose havelis, to the point of becoming popular tourist attractions. Havelis are status symbols for the Marwaris as well as homes for their extended families, providing security and comfort in seclusion from the outside world. Haveli’s were to be closed from all sides with one large main gate. 

This spectacular refurbished piece of living history would be amazing built into an estate wall for use as a functioning gate, or as a piece of art in its own right. Studio and event rentals are also available for all of our pieces and this Haveli would bring authenticity to any themed event, film or photo shoot.

Swing by MIX on S La Brea to see it for yourself or visit us online to find out more.


Kate Lehman

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