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Now that I think about it, what an appropriate post title! Sometimes you’re just in the flow. Yesterday was the Winter Solstice, the shortest day of the year and the very heart of Winter. Which means that today is the beginning of the return of the sun! Ancient people used to celebrate the return of the sun and the accompanying growth that follows by bringing evergreen branches into their homes and lighting candles. Sound like any winter tradition you know?

Druidic and Egyptian traditions aside, what better way to harken the return of the light and the longer days to come than with a post about lighting? Unique lighting is a huge trend now, from Moroccan to Modern to Industrial, people are doing really creative and beautiful things with lighting design, and interior designers are doing really creative and beautiful things with the lights themselves! More than ever, lighting is a part of the décor and architecture, often a focal-point much in the same way a sculpture or other piece of art would be.

MIX has so many beautiful and interesting lighting options. One of my favorites is the Hammered Copper Pendant Lamps.


These remarkable lamps are oxidized just enough to get an amazing turquoise patina on the outside. The inside of the lamps remains a bright, polished copper, so the result is a wonderful play between the copper and turquoise on the outside and an amazingly warm glow from within. They come in incredible shapes from trumpets to drums and a large selection of sizes, so you can cluster the smaller lamps together or feature just one large one for major impact.

The clean lines of these lanterns make them very versatile. They are fashioned in the traditional way, but their shapes are simple and work just as well in a modern space as a more traditional one. The oxidation on the copper gives them a really natural look so they work well with natural textures too for an organic or industrial space.





Whichever shape or size you choose, these lamps are sure to make a statement. Come by the MIX showrooms at 331 and 442 S La Brea to see these lovely lights in person, or Shop Online here to find the perfect piece to illuminate your place – that is, until the Spring Equinox comes along.


Kate Lehman

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