Indigo Blue Ethnic Fabrics: Vintage Collections at Design MIX Furniture

Bursts of Blue throughout  MIX Furniture ! You will find a continuous updated selection of one of a kind vintage Blue Indigo Ethnic fabrics from around the globe. MIX offers a stunning selection of striped  Mongolian Ikat, Indigo Mali Mudcloth, Indian Denim Dot Fabric and Vintage Tibetan Indigo Prayer Rugs just to name a few of the textiles collected from around the world. Indigo textiles serve as a style staple and bring color and pattern into any space it inhabits. The color of indigo is typically correlated with political power or religious rituals and during the Crusades, indigo became a valued “spice”.  Blue is associated with trust, honesty, peace, stability, calmness and inner security and confidence.

The combination of serenity and style that indigo blues create is a must have for your space. Just like a pair of you favorite worn denim blue jeans  …. Our worldly blue fabrics can be made into favorite pillows, headboards or used to reupholster your favorite chair, ottoman. Another great use is to throw a soft denim blue fabric over the the edge of your bed  or sofa…..    Visit us at MIX Furniture on La Brea and see for yourself how beautiful blue fabric from around the globe can cool your atmosphere today!





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