Holiday Wish List :: Accessory Edition

When it comes to holiday shopping, I don’t know about you all, but I tend to run out of new ideas from time to time. Thankfully I work in a place that is endlessly inspiring. When I’m not busy cataloging accessories for designers taking out massive memos for clients in Malibu and Palm Springs, or shipping statues to New York or helping a couple pick out the perfect pieces for their new home, I get to browse through the enormous inventory at both MIX stores, arrange little vignettes in my mind and imagine which items would work perfectly in my own place. I also get great gift ideas. I think this year my friends and family may wind up with some of the most unique gifts yet!

Below are some items on my list … ideas for my family, friends, and myself! MIX truly promises to help me find one-of-a-kind pieces this year sure to make even St Nic himself a little envious.










A FANTASTIC fruit bowl for me! (Shop)  //  Vintage stool from Hungary for me again or my best friends’ baby, Juniper. She likes to wash hands and brush teeth and sister needs a boost! (Shop)  //  An animal head one can mount proudly on their wall that harkens to the distance of Mali – all with no shooting. Everybody wins! (Shop)  //  Hang winter jackets, vests and hats — in style. (Shop)  //  Put a mirror or a photo behind one of these frames and it becomes instantly infinitely more special. What a thoughtful gift it would make! (Shop)  //  Antique books – remember books, printed, on paper?! (Shop)  //  Perfect for the mantel or table with some garland. Rustic woodland holiday accomplished! And they’re on sale…first one here wins. (Shop)  //  For the industrialist in your life, Edison bulbs. (Shop)  //  Don’t forget the gear-heads! (Shop)




Kate Lehman

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