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Source: Food52  //  Photo Credit: James Ransom

One of my favorite things about the holidays is the home decorating. My mother always made our home look so beautiful during the holidays, filling it with fresh greens and berries – on mantels, in vases, on the table and even woven like a wreath in and out of the deer-antler chandelier. Living most recently in Colorado, I developed an understanding about the origin of this tradition of bringing evergreens and colorful winter berries indoors in the dark and cold of December. A symbol and reminder of life in a bare winter landscape. Southern California doesn’t exactly inspire the same kind of reflection – when it’s 80 degrees out, sunny and full of still-flowering plants and green palms everywhere, one doesn’t feel the same need for the tradition. Today is a great example, it was 78 degrees when I came to work in the store. I sheepishly turned on the Christmas music after shedding a layer of outerwear.

But it’s just not the holidays without with these things so I feel it my duty to spread some holiday cheer, play the Vince Guaraldi and Nat King Cole loud and proud in the store and share some beautiful holiday scenes with you! One of the best things about these beautiful pics are that you can easily re-create them in your own home with items you can buy at MIX. Shopping info after the jump. Til’ then, play some Christmas music, drink an (iced) Eggnog Latté and soak up these fantastic holiday home designs.

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Source // Photo Credit: By Fryd


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