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The Golden Peacock Mirror
Reflective, textural, and modern eclectic.  The beautiful golden bronze Peacock Mirror  glows and reflects from all angles.
 Inspired by fanned tail feathers – “the bird with a hundred eyes”  Symbolizing royalty and power , these stunning mirror frames were originally used in palaces all over northern India for thousands of years.
Today,  the Golden Peacock Mirror is the center piece when you walk into any room.  They are used to draw you in and appreciate the beauty it signifies. The small round mirrors glow and reflect from all angles which creates a beautiful  attraction to any setting.
 The peacock mirror is an excellent feng shui choice for your home with its rich golden bronze reflective light.
 As a circular hanging center piece, the peacock mirror provides a center focal interest.  This convex mirror can serve as the watchful eye inspired by the beautiful peacock.
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The golden bronze glow along with the circular shapes enhances the Peacock Mirror
Round Peacock Mirror  52 x 52 x 10
Placing the Peacock Mirror near natural light and windows will truly bring out the intricate detail and reflections.
Antique Peacock Mirror        46 x 9 x 54     or     33 x 9 x 39
Incorporate natural earth tones to bring out the Mirror as the accent piece
Bold colors can be used to enhance the statement of the Peacock Mirror
Notice the design and hand made mirrors individually placed

Andrea Klodetski

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