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A Symbol of Status & Power

Find a fresh collection of original Bamileke stools imported directly from Africa at Design MIX Furniture. Many sizes are available with different designs patterns from the traditional spider design to more modern circular circle patterns….

 Materialistic objects define our ranking within society, from the shiny new sports car to the mansion on the hillside. What if you were ranked by something as simple as the stool you sit on? The stools of the Bamileke tribe in Africa are a symbol of power within the community, so  in some places it just that simple ! The chief of the tribe sits proud on his intricately carve stool while rituals and celebrations take place….

Hand carved from a solid piece of wood these Stools make a textural, timeless and functional addition to almost any space ~

This beautiful round stool is large at 48 ” diameter is stunning center piece with a rich history. Traditional espresso stain with a hand waxed finish.

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The peoples of Cameroon Africa only permit the most royal of men to sit upon such fine stools.  That is not the case here, at MIX Furniture you can enjoy these beautifully carved wooden artifacts anytime, anyplace without permission of the chief or king.

A modern fresh take on the original design painted white with a sanded top and base…..

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Brightly painted Bamileke stools are another modern take on the historic and traditional stool …. Very functional and intriguing design with a timeless pattern and shape.

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MIX’s selection of Bamileke stools is always growing…. Select custom colors and stains to create a style that is all your own. From a natural raw wood finish to a bright, cheerful color that will bring vibrant energy to any space.

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Perfectly placed alongside a seating arrangement for a place to rest your book, beverage or favorite scented candle. Intricately carved from a solid piece of wood, these hand made works of art are perfect for kicking up your feet after a long day.


Fit for a King, the Bamileke stool is a prized possession, the spider web design shown here symbolizes a creature of wisdom, the earth spider. Believed to be a link between the tribes people  & early ancestors, the earth spider allows the departed loved ones to connect in spirit during ceremonial rituals.

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Hand crafted from a solid piece of wood these stools are each unique and detailed. With many sizes and designs to choose from, MIX furniture has these beautifully carved tribal stools available at our 331 S. La Brea location in Los Angeles imported directly from Africa.


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Cameroon Chief stools are intricately carved from a single solid piece of wood, if the wood splits or cracks during the carving process it is tossed to the side and is said to be unlucky.  These stools must first be brought to the “House of God” for a number of rituals, these rituals are said to give the stool powers that can destroy anyone who sits on them in defiance of the king.

AA002 Cameroon Chief's Chair

Finished in a natural look or painted in a color of your choice, we have many sizes and styles for you to choose from. Come by to take a look at our growing selection of these Bamileke stools.

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The Royal Kings of Cameroon sit proud & powerful upon their Bamileke stools, with pride they are enthroned during ceremonies and traditional functions that occur within the tribe. Often times the stools traveled with the chief or king and could only be touched by the designated stool carriers of the court.  These carriers being sworn in by oath, faithfully carry these stools with them, without compromising the integrity of the stool.

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You may not carry these around with you, but you will truly appreciate the intricate design enough to happily return home and put your feet up or rest a glass of wine and a book.


How would you like to possess a fine status symbol from the land of Cameroon?  At MIX Furniture we have hand picked artifacts & furniture from around the world that will surely make a royal impression.

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 African stools create a cultured, sophisticated space that when displayed in groups can serve as a striking art collection or used to support objects such as book collections, bath towels or simply a functional, interesting foot stool ~

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The ability to feel like a king in your own home, these carved solid wood stools are reserved for “KINGS ONLY” however, in the states who’s to say you can’t be king?

Come see our ever growing collection of one of a kind finds!


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