Finishing Touches

Sometimes it’s the little things. Mix is full of amazing pieces, some truly larger than life – like the enormous, one of a kind Haveli entry gate in our South Garden Lot, or our doors (we have a ton of HUGE, incredible doors) … or our giant slab wood tables that stretch over 10 feet long … all impactful, statement-making pieces in their own right. But design isn’t always about the big statement, sometimes it’s about the details. That’s why so often we get designers in here shopping exclusively for small things, the just-right finishing touches that include pretty pottery, unusual imported fabrics and pillows, interesting industrial touches like antique pulleys and Indian iron bins, African bits and bobs, and even stacks of vintage books.

Mix Furniture has it all (in Dr. Seuss parlance) from the very big to the very small.

Swing by our two showrooms on S La Brea in LA today and give your project the beautiful finish it deserves. Remember, like Albert Einstein said, “God is in the details.”




















Kate Lehman

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