Eastern Influence in Malibu (part 2)

As seen in Elle Decor magazine :  Martin Lawrence Bullard has collected beautiful Eastern Influences  from Design MIX Furniture in Los Angeles, California as well as other various import sources. Bullard Design creates an exotic atmosphere that both relaxing and unusual with special one of a kind pieces that make a memorable space that has a world traveled display of special finds.  Combining intricately carved daybeds and chairs and upholstering them with beautiful rich fabrics gives you so many choices in deciding how exotic and elaborate you want to go… Imagine this space in the sunset hours with candles and flames coming from the sandstone carved panels and the vintage iron candle lanterns.  Visit Design MIX Furniture’s  spacious outdoor showroom on La Brea Ave. and collect and be inspired by special pieces for your out door oasis !      ~ New one of a king arrivals every week ~




Antique Balinese Daybed


Hand Carved Teak Indian Palace Daybed


Raw Teak Craved Balinese Daybed



Bone Inlay Octagon Side Table


Vintage Iron Outdoor Lantern


Colorful Hand Painted Moroccan Side Table


Traditional Iron Moroccan Floor Lanterns


Exotic Moroccan Inlay Work Side Table


Bullard Designs chooses more exotic details that provide that Balinese feeling of living in a beautiful tropical resort … Hand carved details in the mirror above the fireplace, hand painted Balinese motif design on the wood posts, crisp White Ceramic Pottery and rustic faded yellow Thai Earth Ware ceramic planters…. All available at Design MIX Furniture on La Brea .




White Ceramic Milk Pottery available in many shapes and sizes !

12072 1250


Faded Yellow and Green Thai EarthWare Pottery and Planters available in many sizes and shapes for dramatic details .

10839 10740Bullard01-xln


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