Thai Earthenware Pottery

We are pleased to announce the recent arrival of an exquisite collection of traditional ancient Thai Earthenware pottery. The tradition of Thai pottery dates all the way back to the third millennium BC in various regions of Thailand, formerly known as Siam.

The most skilled artisans of the region have crafted these handmade pieces. What makes these pieces unique is that, to this day, these pots are still fired in the traditional underground Scorpion stoves. An old-world technique that uses wood-fired kilns instead of gas. This original method of preparing gives the pottery a beautiful yellow-green finish that varies from piece to piece. Each is unique with the final result and displays a unique handmade quality.

Design MIX Furniture Inc. carries a wide selection Earthenware shapes and sizes suitable for both indoors and out. Quantity and special orders are available for the hospitality and to the trade.

Groupings with different sizes are especially effective as a collection.  Design MIX Furniture also creates custom fountains out of the Earthenware while working directly with clients and designers.

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