Earth to Air ~ Organic Natural Fiber Lighting

Indoors or Out ~ Lighting is essential in creating a pleasant, interesting and memorable atmosphere.

If done properly, it can make a room come alive in an endless variety of ways. One way to ensure a fresh, open, and organic feel with lights that are made of natural fibers. The texture of various natural fiber adds interest and functionality together with a lighting collection that is made entirely of organic, earth-born materials, effortlessly blending into any room creating the perfect atmosphere, warm glow, interesting textures and safe for the planet manufacturing !


The materials that make up these enchanting lights throughout the collection  at Design MIX Furniture are  and woven natural fibers including various families of rattan, wicker, and bamboo. They are hand-crafted by incredible artisans around the world. Creating lanterns that are truly magical with that hand made look and effect.


The raw rattan materials that are woven into these light lanterns are malleable yet sturdy. They are perfect for creating these beautifully shaped bell wicker lanterns is a verity of sizes. Lightweight , fi to work with and easy to hang just about anywhere.


Raw and natural materials of these lights is what makes them adaptable to different settings. They have the potential to work wonderfully and look stunning both indoors and out.


One of the most special things about rattan is its beautiful variations in shades of color and the warm natural glow they give off…. It comes from hundreds of species of climbing palms, each unique. This means its color can range be a creamy off-white, a rich golden brown, or nearly jet black, depending on the plant it originated from.



This burnt technique natural fiber thick rattan globe lantern can look extra unique and extraordinary when our artisans use this variation in coloring when they create this globe style especially for MIX.


Natural fiber materials make it easy to create a variety of shapes in these lights using different weaving styles. Some are tightly woven like the light in the above image. Others are more loosely woven which creates lovely patterns on the surrounding walls/surfaces when the light is turned on.



These variations of color and weaving styles are just two of the things that make each natural fiber light special and unique.  They are perfect for solutions in both commercial and private settings both indoors and out ! The range of shapes in which they are crafted offer so many choices.  One of the most interesting shapes that we have here at MIX is known as a UFO lantern because of it’s saucer-like appearance. We have both light and dark available made in either bamboo or rattan. Pictured below are our UFO lanterns hand woven from bamboo strips.



An elegant and unique shape for natural fiber lights is seen in our tear drop basket weave lanterns. These ones are made of rattan and are simply exquisite in their form and especially effective when displayed in groups of various sizes and heights.


Another material that can be used within natural fiber lights is rope. When woven together with rattan and hung with rope, it has a thicker texture than most organic fiber lights.



Organic fiber lights are fresh and easy in style, which is a big reason why they work so wonderfully either in groups or individually. They can blend together beautifully in a busy space, even if they are different shapes and sizes; they can also serve as a strong, simple presence when placed by itself.



Natural fiber organic lights are the perfect way to create an atmosphere of ease, freshness, and tranquility. Each has something special and unique to offer in its color, shape, and masterful weaving pattern.

Find the perfect combination for your space or project  and create your own earth-meets-air atmosphere with our stunning natural fiber lighting collection!

Sara Webb

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