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Design MIX Furniture offers a huge variety of petrified wood stools, side tables, end tables, spheres, and accessory statues. Not only is petrified wood pretty to look at, it also gives off positive and healing energy in your home. These artifacts bring an element of natural elegance into your home or office space …..

Natural Petrified Wood Stools polished to perfection !

Natural Petrified Wood Stools polished to perfection !

Although it looks like stone and is quite heavy ,  Petrified Wood is actually fossilized wood that has been buried for many, many years under layers of mud, ash, and other mineralized materials at just the perfect temperature.

The process of petrified wood (petrification) occurs when the wood is deprived of oxygen and is filled with silica (rock sediment) in place of the plants cells all while keeping the trees form.

Minerals such as copper, cobalt, and chromium give off a green-blue color, while magnese presents a pink hue and carbon presents a black hue.  Quartz is also a variation of stone that is created between the wood and stone creation.



DAYU360 18 x 28 x 19.5

Petrified wood slice hand polished and cut to 2” thick. Modern, simple and organic shape with black matt iron side table base. Each is unique with natural color patterns.



A petrified stump placed between two chairs is an  interesting element and shape with natural  texture

10050_450DAYU356 13 x 16 x 18


This beautiful trio of white petrified wood stools add texture and diversity as a coffee table.


DAYU330 11 x 13 x 20


Strength in stone ~  Petrified wood with its natural color blends  so nicely



Petrified wood stump  side tables used in a grouping with different heights…..




DAYU330AA – Petrified Wood Stool 13 x 12 x 18  &   DAYU346-  Petrified Wood Stool 11 x 11 x 20


Mixing natural texture of stone and wood are a perfect combination to add interest and balance indoors and out !  Design MIX Furniture imports directly offering very competitive prices  !

Screen Shot 2015-10-03 at 2.16.16 PM

Large petrified wood piece prior to cutting and polishing

Andrea Klodetski

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