Carved Wood Panels & Medallions

For generations, beautiful and intricate hand-carved panels and medallions from have been created in Thailand and India. The original purpose of these intricate pieces was not only decorative; the village artisans and craftsmen made the panels as window screen guards to keep out small animals and direct sunlight .

These panels are made out of reclaimed teak wood and painstakingly hand-chiseled with organic and floral designs. At the center of each panel sits a lotus bud or flower, which are a sign of purity and prosperity in the Buddhist sense. MIX has a collection of various styles and in three different color finish choices ; white wash,  natural antique burn and dark wax.

Today, carved wood medallions and panels will add a pop of style and interest to any room in your home. They can be used indoors as well as outdoors. Displayed as wall accents, used at headboards or room divider screens these panels have a multitude of uses for commercial or private home use…

Here at MIX Furniture, we import many shapes, colors and sizes of carved Thai wood panels and medallions.

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Teak Carved Wood Panel

Teak Carved Wood Panel 12 x 60 Antique Burn


Teak Carved Wood Panel with Light Brown Wax


Teak Carved Wood Panel – Whitewash 8′ x 8′


Teak Carved Wood Panel – Antique Burn


Teak Carved Wood Panel with waxed finish


Teak Carved Wood Panel


Teak Carved Wood Panel with lighting behind


Teak Carved Wood Panel  Head Board – Dark Wax Finish


Teak Carved Wood Panel – Dark wax 4′ square


Teak Carved Wood Panel – Whitewash


Round Dark Wax Teak Carved Panel


Teak Carved Wood Panel


12″ Square Dark Wax Carved Teak Panel w/ block float


12 ” Round Antique Burn

3′ Round – Teak Carved Wood Panel – Whitewash Finish


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