Cool Off :: Indoor & Outdoor Fountains

If you live in LA then this will sound like the understatement of the century but we’ll say it anyway, it’s been … HOT.  Temperatures tipping over 100 degrees should require certain specialized equipment. They don’t, but specialized equipment certainly helps and is readily available in the form of indoor and outdoor fountains from Mix Furniture. Whether it’s psycho-somatic or an actual physiological reality that moving water cools down a space is irrelevant – it works. Lucky for our overheated Angeleno community (and since we ship, anywhere else in the world – except maybe the poles as anyone there is probably less in the market for fountains), we have two gorgeous gardens and showrooms on S La Brea full of beautiful indoor and outdoor fountains of all kinds, from table top to temple size.

We have Moroccan tiled wall fountains, carved stone standing Buddha fountains, seated Buddha and Buddha head fountains, we have stacked pebble and slate fountains and an array of Thai pot fountains … all specially designed to soothe and cool your space, inside and out.

Swing by and check them out, or if you’re too hot, call – we’ll have someone deliver and set up for you – so you don’t have to break any more of a sweat.












Kate Lehman

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