Brown + Black is the New Black

Like chocolate and peanut butter, there’s something that makes so much sense about black and brown together. Black cools brown off, dresses it up and makes it a bit more formal. Brown on the other hand warms black up, mellows it out, makes it more it more relaxed and natural.  The sitting room below is a wonderful example of this delicious combo, it looks well designed while still feeling earthy and comfortable. Of course, since we’re MIX Furniture, we can’t help but favor the use of the brown Moroccan poufs, the slab wood coffee table, the black checked Moroccan rug and the baskets and stools tucked into the bookcase. Actually we think it’s those wonderful additions that make this room -and  it’s not just because we carry them. See for yourself, imagine this room without them for a moment … it’s considerably less inviting in just black and white, a bit cold and dark no?

Think about bringing some black and brown into your interior today. You could even do it with the help of Mix, see below to shop the look!



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Kate Lehman

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