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I have seen a few articles and posts with that title “Indigo is the New Black” and even an interesting piece on a Malian indigo fabric artisan who studied in Africa and Japan and now runs a business out of Mali using indigo plants and traditional dyeing  methods. This color seems to be having a moment, I’ve even seen it work its way into wood stains which is an interesting twist. Wonderfulness in my book as blue is one of my favorite colors. It also happens to behave like a neutral and go with everything. At MIX we are fortunate (or the owner is so skilled and her eye so on-point) that we get tons of beautiful blue textiles from Mali on the regular. We turn these deep indigo and crisp white pieces into pretty pillows – for now. Who knows what the fabric will find it’s way into next?










We also have some gorgeous, nubby patterned pieces from Mongolia, former prayer rugs, in a similar deep blue hue. We’ve custom-made legged ottomans out of our other Mongolian prayer rug fabrics, so it’s just a matter of time before one of these blue beauties has a second, or third, or fourth life, as an ottoman. Come by MIX on S La Brea, we have two showrooms full of imported treasures like these indigo textiles! Or for some more instant gratification, check the shopping list below and be whisked away to our website for some online shopping. It’s not Mali or Mongolia, but it’s as close as you might get today.


Indigo Mali Mudcloth Pillow (Shop)  //  Indigo Mali Striped Pillow (Shop)  //  Indigo Bird Pillow (Shop)  //  Mongolian Prayer Rug (Shop)

Kate Lehman

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