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When you think of design inspiration, you probably don’t automatically travel in your mind’s eye to the bathroom. Bathrooms are usually more about functionality than inspiration, so they’re often over-looked and under-served in terms of compelling design. Other parts of the home can be meticulously planned, primped, designed and decorated but as long as the bathroom works … as long as there’s running water and adequate plumbing, it’ll do. To add insult to design injury, a typical bathroom accessory usually tends to cater to the functionality aspect and less to the art of it and thus tends to be a little on the sterile side.

This post is dedicated to changing that. Here are some examples of beautiful, look-book worthy bathrooms. Now you might not be blessed with a room full of blue Mexican tile, exposed wood beams, sandstone bricks or a spa-sized tub. But the addition of even one curated piece can make a big difference and add immense style to the room while still maintaining usefulness.

Whether it’s lighting, mirrors or unexpected choices for seating and shelving, MIX has beautiful imported and antique pieces that with one little sterile-swap-out can help your commode earn its rightful place in your abode. See the links at the bottom of the post to shop these pieces and bring these looks into your bathroom today!



Source: Domaine  //  DesignSponge  //  Designer Sarah Davidson  //  Photographer: Pure Roscoe





Source: Architectural Digest





Source: Houzz




Brass  Moroccan Chandelier (Shop)  //  Hand-Cut Moroccan Pendant Lamp (Shop)  //

Frosted Moroccan Star Lantern (Shop)   //  Moroccan Table Lanterns (Shop)  //  Peacock Mirror (Shop)

Brass Moroccan Lanterns (Shop)  //  Etched Glass Pendant (Shop)  //  White Porcelain Stool (Shop)

Teak Sushi Stool (Shop)  //  Antique Milking Stool (Shop)  //  Antique Colonial Chairs (Shop)

Reclaimed Teak Mirror (Shop)  //  Antique Temple Bench (Shop)  //  Balinese Jack Fruit Stool (Shop)

Antique Hungarian Bath Stool (Shop)

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