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Tranquility is possible, even in the smallest of spaces. Gardens relax the mind. Gazing upon a well-designed gardenscape can leave you feeling soothed and at ease. Which is why it is not surprising that statues of Buddha, who represents serenity and tranquility, are commonly placed in todays landscape.


With the perfect light fixtures, this Buddha makes a dramatic focal point in this garden. Buddha statues come in many poses, all illustrating the life of this holy man. Each posture has specific hand gestures, known as mudras, that have significant meaning. Depictions of Buddha often include only the head, as it is the most important part of his body. Often times with a larger hair bump on the top of his head that signifies wisdom, the head statues generally have swirls of short curly hair and a full mouth symbolizing eloquent speech. You can choose a statue that signifies something that you may need in your life, such as serenity, or you can choose a statue that speaks to you aesthetically. However, any statue of your choosing must be treated in a respectful manner. This means trying to avoid placing your Buddha directly on the ground, depending on statue choice. Such as placing your Buddha on a pedestal or eye level, for the appropriate sense of awe.


This Buddha statue head has its eyes half closed which is signifying meditation, looking outward and inward. Exquisite pieces to choose from in Design MIX Furnitures Home and Garden outdoor showroom !


Sitting Stone Buddha in a serene meditative position with both hands facing up in the lap.


Many Buddha statues are seated on a carved lotus flower which has symbolic meaning in Hinduism and Buddhism. A beautiful flower that emerges in a pristine condition from the murkiest of waters. In Buddhism the different colors of the lotus are associated with the different stages of the spiritual journey. For instance, a blue lotus flower is symbolic for someone who has started their spiritual journey by leaving the concept of ‘self’ behind. The white lotus flower is associated with the state of bodhi, that of becoming awakened to the wonders of it all.  A pink lotus flower is reserved for enlightenment of the highest order and is associated with the highest deity, the Buddha.



Black Stone Buddha Head


White Stone Buddha Head


Gold Stone Buddha Head

Standing Stone Buddha with His right hand raised in the Jnana mudra which symbolizes knowledge or wisdom. Mudras are a non-verbal mode of communication and self expression, consisting of hand gestures and finger poses.


This is the Earth Witness Buddha, which shows the holy man sitting in meditation with his land hand palm upright in his hand and his right hand touching the earth. This represents the moment in time of which Buddha was tempted by a demon but resisted, with the support from the earth, he finally reached enlightenment. This particular Buddha statue is also perfectly placed, respectfully high on the rocks and surrounded by all manner of delicate flowers and grasses.


This Stone Garden Buddha head sits peacefully in a respectful manner in this blooming backyard landscape.

15526The Nirvana Buddha is Buddha lying on his right side on a resting table. This is one of the last moments of Buddha’s life prior to Buddha dying before entering Nirvana which describes a state of freedom from suffering and rebirth.


Another Earth Witness Buddha in black stone sitting in the proper manner placed on a pedestal and not directly touching the ground. Beautiful ancient Buddha in a Modern setting !


Standing stone Buddha fountain.


Abhaya mudra translating into No Fear is made with the open palm of the right hand extending outwards at the chest level or slightly higher. A powerful feng shui decor addition to any home or landscape.


This precious sitting stone Buddha nestled between growing trees is positioned in the Dhyana mudra which promotes the energy of meditation, deep contemplation, and unity with higher energy.


Karana mudra expresses a very powerful energy with which negative energy is expelled or banished. This hand gesture is also commonly known as warding off evil.


Depictions of Buddha are commonly his head, being that it is the most important part of his body. So it is not surprising to see stone Buddha head statues in most of todays landscaping.

The Bhumisparsa mudra which translate to Calling the Earth to Witness Truth. This hand gesture is depicted with the right hand, while the left hand is on the lap with the palm facing outwards.
buddha above pool
Karana mudra: Banishing & expelling negativity.10595

A beautiful grey stone Buddha resting in the Dhyana mudra which promotes the energy of meditation, deep contemplation, and unity with higher energy.


This cozy standing stone Buddha is positioned in the Namaskara mudra which is the hand gesture that evokes greeting another being with the utmost respect and adoration for the divine in all. This mudra is expressed with the palms at the heart level or at the forehead.


Karana mudra: Banishing & expelling negativity.


This grey stone sitting Buddha is known as the Meditation Buddha in the double lotus position and is meant for people who are looking for peace in their lives or for those who wish to improve their meditation skills.

14103Wooden Protection Buddha which signifies courage and offers protection from fear, delusion, and anger resting in the double lotus position, in which both legs are overlapping one another.


White Stone Buddha positioned in the respectful proper manner surrounded by flourishing plants.

62a94a10e8ad3b556b0861444501308eThis beautiful White Stone Meditation Buddha in the double lotus position relaxing in the middle of this serene pond.

oGYUDpIA photo of a beautiful Bengal Tiger resting on the head of a giant Buddha head statue.

13aa722ead8f3714709d6fca29ba7eefHappy Buddha resting in the single lotus position placed in the proper respectful manner holding a bowl of colorful flowers giving this statue the appropriate sense of awe.


This Buddha positioned in the Dharma Chakra mudra, also referred to as the Teaching Buddha, which represents wisdom, understanding, and fulfillment to the destiny. This position depicts the moment in Buddhas life where he made a sermon to a small group of disciples before reaching enlightenment.

3070b5ec0de7d7786ea439db378e0c4aA large grey stone Buddha in the meditation mudra relaxing in the double lotus position.


Golden Teaching Buddha, also known as the Dharma Chakra mudra, resting in the single lotus position.

1a57a49217f9d97b8d841c522467bb78Meditation Buddha in the single lotus position.


A pink lotus flower is reserved for enlightenment of the highest order and is associated with the highest deity, the Buddha.


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