2014 Design Trends Done Easy

With the New Year in full swing a lot of design publications like CasaSugar are talking about trends for 2014. We’ve taken notes and whittled their list down to a few of the key styles that we like the best here at MIX, styles that can easy be brought into your home or office with a visit to our showrooms on S La Brea or a click of the mouse below.

Read on for some clever ideas of how to bring your space up to speed on some of 2014’s best décor trends with the help of MIX Furniture.


Cowhide is showing up in many showcased interiors in the form of rugs, pillows, ottomans and even draped over chairs…MIX is no stranger to the appeal of hide mixing and matching its way into furniture and décor – we have a unique collection of furniture that actually incorporates hide into constructed pieces like sideboards and bookcases. An unexpected place for a hide to show up, which we think makes it all the better!


It’s surprising that blue isn’t the Pantone color of 2014 because it’s all over the place. Blue is a classic that can blend into any interior as a neutral or make a bold statement in a jewel-toned pop of color. If you’re not ready to paint your entire room blue, try accessorizing with it or adding blue textiles for an on-trend baby step.


This is a perennial favorite, but these days with the increased awareness of the benefits of using reclaimed wood and up-cylcled pieces, raw, un-stained or lightly stained wood is very popular. It mixes so well with clean white walls, which helps accentuate the natural graphic patterns of the wood grain – anything that lets the wood in it’s natural state shine forth is alright in our design book!

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Reclaimed Wood and Cowhide Console (Available for Pre-Order)

Indigo Mali Mudcloth Pillow (Shop)  //  Kilim Rug Arm Chair (Shop)

Albezia Wood Cube Stool/Side Table (Shop)




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